To know our future we must understand our past. By sharing a knowledge of how we got to where we are each keynote and seminar topic maps a path to where we are going.

Celebrating the culture of the mad men while embracing the value of the math men. And proving that as message driven and behaviour driven communication converge, so ideas, and the data that informs and empowers them, become increasingly interdependent.

Each bases a training in the acquisition of practical skills on an education in the understanding of experiences, events, concepts and principles. The experiences and events are drawn from my own work with Mars, Ford, Levi's and Emirates among others. And the concepts and principles from studies in the fields of psychology, anthropology, neurology, philosophy and economics.

Together the theoretical and the practical equip business owners and communicators with the necessary tools for them to be able to effectively navigate the process of idea generation, recognition, fruition and acceptance with more success more often. While sharing a renewed motivation in doing so.

“Whenever I look around the room I see people inspired. Their passion ignited by his wisdom, their weariness banished by his candid charm and simple good humour”

Andres Vergara | Creative Director. EMBA. MBA. Berlin School of Creative Leadership.

“Peter tought us the small things that make a big difference. Day in, day out, for us as a team and in relation to our clients. Ingenious simple cures. Just like Dr. House’s. Whom he actually ressembles a bit, too.”

Mihai Gongu | Creative Director. Graffiti BBDO. Bucharest.