When first asked to curate an exhibition (‘A Sense Of Europe’ for IFRA) I was surprised to find just how quickly I found myself at home with the task.

An engaging exhibition, like any engaging piece of communication, needs one simple, strong, unifying idea. And the process of finding it is not unlike the hunt for the single thought that turns a disparate collection of print advertisements into a cohesive and durable campaign.

‘Think Different’ or ‘Just Do It’ for example, would both make great exhibitions.

Having grown up in the era of long copy print advertising the job of then researching, writing and editing entertaining and informative content to a tight communications or policy brief is something that also comes naturally.

While to my mind at least co-creating and collaborating with designers, typographers, photographers, film makers, interior architects and construction crews is better than being in the art and copy team of your dreams.

It’s like being in the world’s all time best ever creative department.