Let's be clear. What we choose to say, and how we choose to say it, depends entirely on who we are.

For most of us in our personal lives that’s well understood. But in business and civil society few organisations give very much thought to who they are. Or to who they could be.

Little wonder that so much of their communication is unmemorable or worse, unnoticeable.

A compelling value proposition makes what you say and how you say it work harder for you by interrogating your real identity and articulating your true personality.

Sometimes it is actually a proposition: what you offer or what you stand for. Sometimes it is where you stand in relation to your competitors: a positioning. The very best are both.

It’s the product of intensive research, forensic thought, and yes, a little creativity too.

Defining who you are. To give clarity to what you chose to say. And add confidence to how you choose to say it.